Stealth – No Limits 2 recreation

Very soon I will be posting a recreation of Stealth at Thorpe Park using NL2. I’m not a pro with NL2 but I’ve managed to get a grasp of it. I’ve done the track and colours, now I have to finish the supports and scripting. It is getting there though… Eventually I will move on to making the scenery on 3DS Max and then that’s it really.

Here are some snaps:



I am working on it at the moment and it will gradually improve. Feel free to leave a comment on how I could improve it to a good standard etc. So yeah, it gets realistic from here.

Edit 1:


I have all of the supports installed. What I need to work on is scenery and the traffic light object with its scripting (which I have no idea on how to make and write it) and That’s it really. When I import my first scenery object the background music (WWTP Radio) will come from there. I’ve already got the ‘3…2…1…GO!’ voice implemented in there which is cool!

Edit No.2: I have Audio now working! I will show you how it works in a recording from a camera (OK, it isn’t HQ but I don’t have enough time to make a proper recording). However I hope you like it. Leave a comment on anything you like and don’t like.

Update: I’ve decided to take a break on this so I can learn how to use 3DS Max/AutoCAD properly.